Volkswagen Vento Hatchback First Look Review



Volkswagen Vento Overview

Amongst the many mid-size sedans in the market today, Volkswagen’s Vento is one that brings together looks, comfort, performance and quality all in one package. The only thing that was missing until now was a diesel automatic option which has been introduced to increase the woo quotient by the German manufacturer. So will the Vento DSG be able to attract attention towards it, let’s find out.

With growing competition in the mid-size sedan segment, Volkswagen this year introduced a number of engine upgrades for its entire product portfolio. A key attract of this situation was the introduction of an automatic transmission to its diesel ‘avatar’. Currently there is Hyundai’s Verna and Skoda Rapid that offer a similar diesel variant with Vento joining in, while the most popular Honda city still stays aloof of a diesel automatic. Therefore in its latest form is the Vento DSG worthy of a convenient diesel automatic, let us see to find out.

Volkswagen Vento Look

The Vento is a premium sedan from Volkswagen, however it did look a lot similar to the Polo. This has been a let down for several of those car buyers who have been looking to distant themselves from the Polo-kind-of-look as they preferred sometime that is a lot more premium and subtle in styling.Volkswagen Vento 01

Volkswagen has been listening to the customer feedback and they have introduced the updated version of the Vento. The Vento now has a three-chrome horizontal slat grille that makes it look a lot more premium and stylish. This looks like a bigger and more mature sedan than what the Vento actually looked. The new large-size fog lamps stand out on the new Vento. There is a very subtle thin chrome strip on the car at multiple points. Volkswagen Vento 08 Germans know how to design a subtle car and the Vento is one of the best examples for this. There is no too much extra chrome but extremely subtle and stylish looking sedan. The Vento looks more like the Jetta than the Polo now, which differentiates it and it does stand out.

Volkswagen Vento Comfort

Well as this is an upgrade, the cabin is one area wherein one would notice many changes. To begin, it is dual tone but the colour combination has changed from the earlier black & beige to now light brown & beige which is subtle but attractive to the naked eye.Then there is a new flat bottom steering wheel which is same one as available in the Polo with mounted controls. Its grip and hold is very impressive. The centre console offers an improvised entertainment system with facilities such as an Aux-in, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity.

However when compared with competition certain features such as a touch screen for the music system and navigation are non-existent in the Vento. Apart from that there are silvers accents that spruces up the cabin appeal.Offered with beige leather upholstery, the gap between both rows is good with ample amount of head, shoulder and leg room. Like the previous generation, the under thy and lumber support are good ideal for long and short distances.

Cushioning is also right up there which would be liked by most of us occupants. Overall in true German style, the quality of plastics as well as the fit and finish are probably the best in class which is a Volkswagen’s biggest plus point.Regardless of that, for safety there are dual front airbags as standard which is another major plus for this sedan plus there is ABS and EBD.

Volkswagen Vento Gearbox

The Vento comes with three engine options, 1.2-litre turbo petrol with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, second is a 1.6-litre petrol with a five-speed manual transmission and a 1.5-litre diesel engine with a five-speed manual and seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The Vento 1.2-litre is our pick of the petrol engine options. This engine produces 103bhp of power and has good enough grunt to drive with ease in the city. Push the throttle and you can easily overtake in city or even the highway. The dual-clutch transmission is smooth and is very easy to shift.

The same is the case with the diesel engine. This is a torquey with sufficient grunt to drive with ease in city or even the highway. This diesel engine is one of the most powerful when it comes to real world (of course in its segment), especially the spool that the turbo produces makes it exciting. The Vento diesel is highly fuel-efficient and one of the most powerful diesel cars that are sold today. The automatic version of the Vento should be your pick of the lot as it makes driving stress free and you do not even miss out the quick shifts one can achieve with a manual transmission. The gearbox is seamless and very easy to use. For those who want the manual transmission, the clutch now is lighter and this makes it easier to clutch and de-clutch as well. To know more info on Volkswagen Vento check Stsoft

Volkswagen Vento Riding

The ride quality of the Vento is phenomenal and it is a tad softer at the rear to make it a lot more comfortable and convenient for those who are chauffeur driven. The Vento has been designed for both kind of audience, one who likes to drive and those who like to be driven. The handling of the Vento is precise. The alacrity of the chassis on winding roads is far superior to most of the competition and the tyres offer a good grip. The electronic steering wheel is light and easy to drive in the city or even the highway. It feels well connected on most of the occasions despite being light. The Vento’s driving dynamics is one of its strong USPs.

Volkswagen Vento Safety

The sedan gets equipped with ventilated disc brakes upfront and drums brakes at rear. Its safety features include ABS, electronic engine immobilizer, dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, speed sensing auto door locks, and many more.

Volkswagen Vento Price in Chennai

Volkswagen Vento On Road Price is 10,26,236/- and Ex-showroom Price is 8,63,000/- in Chennai. Volkswagen Vento comes in 6 colours, namely Toffee Brown,Reflex Silver,Candy White,Blue Silk,Carbon Steel,Titanium Beige. Volkswagen Vento comes with 2WD with 1598 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 104 bhp@5250 rpm and Peak Torque 153 Nm@3800 rpm DRIVE TRAIN 2WD and reaches 100 KMPH at 11.7 seconds . Volkswagen Vento comes with Manual Transmission with 2WD .Check for Vento price in Chennai at Tryaldrive.

Volkswagen Vento Bottomline

At this premium mid-size sedan party, the Volkswagen Vento has dressed up in a Tuxedo. This one is subtle, catchy and worth a second glance. The Germans know how to make a car and how they know what the Indian car market needs. The Vento now is tailored to what the Indian consumers want and is ideally the best one can pick in the market.

It is built like tank, fun to drive and fuel-efficient too. It doesn’t come with the features that some of the competition offers, but for the price it is an ideal pick. One downside to the Vento is the cost of ownership and resale value, where the Japanese competitors have an edge.

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