Mercedes Benz E Class Hatchback First Drive


Mercedes Benz E Class Overview

Sauve, classy, regal, powerful, comfortable – that’s the set of words I would use to describe a car that I’m driving today. What is it? It’s the 2017 Mercedes E-Class LWB V213, a car that has been made specially for the Indian market. Right from the days of the classic W124, the E-Class has been a favourite with the elite audience in India. The E-Class now enters the 10th generation and we’re here to find out how the baby S fares.

The 10th Generation E-Class is available in the long wheelbase version only in the left hand drive trim and the RHD LWB version has been designed specifically for the Indian market. Mercedes entered India much before its rivals and they sure know our market better. Check for Mercedes Benz E Class price in Chennai at Tryaldrive.

Mercedes Benz E Class Design

The front of the E-Class now lets go of the twin headlamp arrangement in favour of a fixed headlamp and this gives it a sporty look. It has LEDs that break into segments in the one peice headlights. It has full LED headlights also available as an option. The new E has many grille styles and in the luxury version has a three bar centre section while the Sport version has a two-bar centre section. The new bumper looks sporty as well and gives the car a more aggressive look compared to the previous gen. Overall it looks lower and meaner than before. We like.

Mercedes Benz E Class Cabin

On the inside is where multiple changes have been implemented, though they aren’t major. The E350 CDI gets a Harman Kadon music system with a larger screen. The V6 engine variant also reverse parking camera, 360-degree camera and Attention Assist. These are the additional bells and whistles offered on the E350 CDI. In terms of interior styling, quality and space nothing has been changed.

The front row of seats offers the same comfort and space. These are very comfortable seats and they have a good back, side and thigh support too. Mercedes-Benz has been known to make one of the most comfortable seats and the E-Class is no different. Slide into the rear seats and you will love the comfort they offer. The E-Class is certainly one of the most comfortable executive luxury sedans for the rear seats. The boot too is large enough to gobble weekend luggage for four people.

Mercedes Benz E Class Performance

The 2017 Mercedes E-Class gets two engine options – 2.0-litre petrol and 3.0-litre diesel for now. The petrol engine produces a decent 184 HP of power but we had a go in the diesel engine. The V6 unit belts out 258 horses and has a massive 620 Nm of Torque. 0-100 km/hr comes up in a swift 6.6 seconds and the engine is paired to the 9G-TRONIC gearbox. Later this year, Mercedes will also start offering a smaller 2.0-litre diesel engine but that is still some time away. The 2.0-litre oil-burner should make for a good choice for those who don’t really need the extra power of the V6 and will help keep Merc at bay from the NGT’s unexpected mood swings.

The V6 oil burner has brilliant power delivery. Turbo lag is well contained and once you cross the 1500-1600 RPM mark, the car just flies. The power surge is addictive and the delivery is linear all the way to 4500 RPM. Apart from being a great performer, the engine also loves cruising and it does 100 km/hr in 9th gear at 1500 RPM. There are the usual driving modes on offer – Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. Eco mode helps you extract few more kms per full tank of diesel while Comfort mode is adequate for daily usage. If your chauffeur takes an off and you want to drive the car, better switch to Sport and exploit the engine. Sport+ is even better for aggressive driving but we still prefer the Sport mode which feels a bit more controlled. To know more details on Mercedes Benz E Class  check Stsoft

Mercedes Benz E Class Riding

For the suspension, you get Comfort and Sport settings. The Comfort setting is brilliant if the car is moving at slow speeds but gets slightly bouncy as the speeds increase. This is where the Sport setting comes into play. It stiffens the suspension properly and you get a more planted ride at high speeds. The air suspension does a fantastic job on our roads. The ground clearance is 120 mm and it can be raised to 135 mm at the touch of a button. However, the operation takes quite a few seconds to complete. Due to the long wheelbase, you need to be careful on our infamous speed breakers if you love your car.

The handling isn’t sporty but the E feels predictable. The steering is feather light at low speeds and weighs up a bit as the speeds increase. However, it just lacks any sort of feedback or feel. Again, Sport setting helps matters here but still I didn’t find the dynamics as involving as the BMW 5-Series. The 17-inch tyres help matters on our roads since they are appropriately sized and have nice grip. Should Mercedes have provided larger 18-inch wheels, the ride and comfort would’ve definitely been affected. The brakes do a fabulous job and stopping power is impressive.

Mercedes Benz E Class Safety

In the handling department the new E-Class is just brilliant as it brings in a new dimension. The steering which is a new electric unit is direct and light but the fantastic body control and grip levels are just great. It shrinks around you and becomes a great sports saloon. When it comes to safety the new E-Class gets a lot of features.

Mercedes Benz E Class Price in Chennai

Mercedes Benz E Class On Road Price is 73,86,326/- and Ex-showroom Price is 60,12,915/- in Chennai. Mercedes Benz E Class comes in 5 colours, namely Polar White,Iridium Silver,Palladium Silver,Obsidian Black,Dolomite Brown. Mercedes Benz E Class comes with RWD with 1950 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 191 bhp@3800 rpm and Peak Torque 400 Nm@1600-2800 rpm DRIVE TRAIN RWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 7.8 seconds . Mercedes Benz E Class comes with Automatic Transmission with RWD .

Mercedes Benz E Class Bottomline

The 10th generation Mercedes E-Class LWB is a great product and it should satisfy all the needs of its target audience. The sedan has taken comfort levels to a whole new level. For those you want sheer luxury and comfort and of course the snob value that comes with a Merc badge should definitely consider this car. The long wheelbase makes sure you get S-Class levels of space and comfort and the E badge helps you save some monies over the S. Until the new 5-Series gets launched, it might be safe to day that the E is definitely the best in its segment and should bring in good sales for the automaker.

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