Mahindra Bolero Review & Test Drive


Mahindra has been selling the Bolero in the market since more than a decade now. The car is a favourite with rural and semi urban customers. Despite being so old and outdated, the Bolero is fetching good sales even now. To improve the value quotient of the car, Mahindra has now launched the Bolero Power+. It comes at a significantly lower price and produces much more power. Check for review & price of Mahindra cars


The Mahindra Bolero Power+ looks the same like the other old Boleros. Largely, there is no change. However, the change isn’t visible that easily. The original length of the Bolero was 4.1 metres, and only it is 3.99 metres. This length has been reduced from the bumpers and the bonnet area. This is what makes it look different from the regular Bolero Power+. If you park the old and new Boleros close by, that is when you can notice the difference. In styling, there isn’t a major difference. The new version continues with the same styling that Bolero had got in 2011.


On the insides, the driver will still have to make-do with the ergonomically-flawed large steering and pedals placed in a very truck-like manner. Quality of materials is below-par for a vehicle whose price nudges nearly eight lakh. Even equipment levels remain identical to the longer Bolero. The front seats are narrow and not very supportive, the middle row feels cramped thanks to limited knee room on offer and the third row is best left for small kids. In other words, the interiors of this new version remain unchanged.


The Power+ is the old-school Bolero’s way of keeping up with the era of engine downsizing. Instead of the 2.6-litre m2DiCR engine, it features a 1.5-litre motor from Mahindra’s ‘mHawk’ series. Smaller engine? Yes, but not only does it make the same 195Nm of torque as the standard Bolero, it makes 71PS of power – 8PS more than its big brother

Fire it up and in seconds you notice the improved noise, vibration and harshness levels. No, were not saying it’s appreciable, just appreciably better than the larger engine. It still sounds crude, but the improved refinement levels do not go unnoticed. As you’d expect, it’s an engine that doesn’t like to be pushed. It gets considerably louder as the revs climb and no matter how much you mash the accelerator, progress isn’t rapid.

However, the mHawkD70 is generous with its low-end torque delivery. As long as you’re patient, it will get up to cruising speeds easily and you can also benefit from the 16.5kmpl fuel efficiency figure while you’re at it. In fact, the torque is enough to get the Power+ going from a dead stop in 3rd gear. The gear ratios themselves are closely spaced and you will find the need to upshift early. That said, it’s a powertrain that’s ready to take the strain of the heavy passenger load Boleros are usually used to transport. The gear lever though, has a long throw and isn’t sure slotting either. The clutch does have a lot of travel, but thankfully, it is really light. Get On Road Price of Mahindra Bolero in Carzprice


Ride quality, for the most part, is what I like to call ‘choppy’. Potholes aren’t a big issue and it doesn’t thud, but it makes sure you know you drove through one. There’s a fair bit of vertical movement, which is amplified if you happen to be seated in the second or third row. A full house will definitely make the ride more tolerable, but drive solo or with just a couple of passengers and the bouncy ride is ought to get to you. Cornering has never been the Bolero’s forte, and it is no different with this one. The steering keeps you guessing, and a dead feel on the brake pedal makes you back off as well. On a related note, there’s absolutely no safety tech on offer, even as an option.


There has to be some reason on why it is called India’s no.1 SUV and it is very simple. The product is built in a very strong way possible. The new engine offered is smooth and also high on fuel efficiency.

The features that it offers at this price point are envious for the competition especially compared to cars like the Tata Sumo. Do we recommend this SUV? Yes Indeed we do as even if stranded anywhere Mahindra has a super strong after sales network to take care of the car.Also with the SsangYong acquisition, may be the Bolero too can get some international lines and attributes

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