How To Integrate Social Media & Email Marketing

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As a brand, you don’t have to just Tweet out your email link in hopes that your followers will sign up. There are engaging, eye-catching methods you can use to integrate both marketing strategies in ways that will delight your customers.

Social media marketing attracts new potential customers and gives a definition to your brand. Email marketing focuses on loyal consumers and strengthens those relationships. These positive can work hand-in-hand to provide A+ marketing to your audience. To know more info check SEO Company in London.

By including social media profile links in your marketing emails, you can give subscribers new opportunities to engage with your brand, and your content.

Email promotion should entice readers to check out more about your products, like this email I received from Hootsuite. The links to the company’s social pages invite subscribers to check them out and connect with them there.

A holistic approach to digital marketing incorporates both social media and email marketing to reach your customers in a creative and memorable way. Believe it or not, the two rival methods work very well together.For Web development company in New York check RavisNY,

Take this example from Residential Communications Network (RCN). To prepare for a tropical storm, RCN sends emails to their subscribers and lets them know how social will keep them in the know — Liking the page on Facebook will provide alerts and updates, and Twitter facilitates minute-by-minute updates.

Decider’s tweet to sign up for the email newsletter gives followers the heads up about the content they’ll receive after signing up, boosting newsletter sign-ups and building a relationship with the customer.

Instagram reminding you to check your email? If you’re a Birchbox Ace user, absolutely. The subscription box company uses their social channel to market to subscribers and potential customers.

If I were following Birchbox but was on the fence about signing up, this post on Instagram might implore me to see the special offers customers receive.For more details on SEO Services visit Spectralreview

Brands can integrate both social media and email marketing to elevate their engagement. The next time you scroll through your email promotions, think about how your audience can receive similar content from your social as well.


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