Consultation For Gynecomastia Correction Surgery


Excess skin that remains after excess fat and breast tissue are removed adds an additional dimension to solving gynecomastia effectively. Surgical removal of this skin can help tighten the skin, as well as raise droopy nipples.

The nipple is 4-6 cm above the chest fold of most men. In patients suffering from gynecomastia, the nipple drops as much as 50% to 2-3cm above the line. A procedure known as a “donut lift” helps raise the nipples to their proper position. Sutures are placed around the nipple and then tightened, much like a purse string. The surgery can initially cause rippling of the skin around the incision area, but this subsides in the majority of patients.

In performing a donut lift on his male patients, Doctor is careful to place incisions directly within the areola where the darker skin helps keep them inconspicuous.For more info Visit Personiks to know more about the treatment and  Gynaecomastia cost in Hyderabad.

Skin reduction using the donut lift approach is not indicated for all patients. The skin of younger men (especially teens) is elastic and likely to “snap back” into shape without the need for surgery.

Consultation for Gynecomastia Correction Surgery

Aesthetic success is a team effort at our plastic surgery offices, and that success starts with clear communication between Doctor and each patient who wants help with excess male breast tissue. During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your physical and cosmetic goals. Doctor will evaluate you as a candidate for gynecomastia surgery and determine if, indeed, SlimLipo laser lipolysis can help you.

You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your complete medical history, including:

A. Medical conditions (past and present)

B. Drug allergies

C. Previous surgeries

D. Current medications (prescription, OTC, herbal)

E. Use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs

F. Your chief motivation for undergoing gynecomastia surgery

G. The outcome you expect from the surgery

Your preliminary consultation will also include:

A. A physical to evaluate the elasticity of your skin. To know more details on Gynaecomastia check Udarunachal

B. A discussion of your options and Doctor’s recommended course of treatment

C. A review of likely outcomes, including risks or potential complications

D. A discussion of healing, recovery, and benefits

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