What Is Rhinoplasty & The Reasons Why Rhinoplasty Procedure Might Be Right For You


As a patient, it’s good to know the difference between rhinoplasty that’s carried out for cosmetic reasons and rhinoplasty that is done for medical reasons. Rhinoplasty surgery can effectively alter the appearance of the nose. It corrects disfigurements associated with congenital disabilities or trauma and leaves patients with a symmetrical and well-proportioned nose. If the procedure is carried out for medical reasons, it can arrest breathing and snoring problems and even correct issues like a collapsed nasal bridge or a ‘sideways-set’ nose.

The history of rhinoplasty dates right back to 600BC although much has changed in the field of cosmetic surgery since then. Rhinoplasty techniques used today are efficient and extremely effective, and they produce great results. Rhinoplasty is not about getting a nose that conforms to the contemporary ideals of beauty.

It’s about getting a natural looking nose that blends in well with the other features on your face. The surgery allows you to bring your nose into balance with the rest of your face, and can help you look younger and more beautiful than before.

Reasons Why a Rhinoplasty Procedure Might be Right for You

Rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery that involves the altering of the shape of the nose, has become more popular than ever over the past few years. Although there are numerous reasons why patients have this procedure performed, the 5 mentioned below are usually among the most common ones listed. For more details on Rhinoplasty check Igc2016

1. You Want your Nose to Fit the Rest of your Face

The nose is usually the focal point of a person’s face and as a result, it can make you look awkward if it appears to be too small, too large or misshapen in any way. Having a rhinoplasty procedure performed can go a long way in helping to make your face appear more balanced and natural because there are a few custom looks that can be achieved.

2. You Need Nasal Reconstruction

If you have experienced some form of injury to the nose and it has not healed properly – or there is any form of unsightly scarring in the immediate area – a rhinoplasty procedure may be an ideal option for you. Not only will it help restore the original appearance of your nose; in some cases, it will be able to help improve your breathing substantially as well.

3. You Suffer From Breathing Difficulties

Conditions such as a deviated septum, nasal collapse, sleep apnea and many others can have a significantly negative effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. These days however, all of these conditions – and many more – can be safely and quickly addressed and alleviated by means of rhinoplasty. In many cases, it is even possible to have cosmetic changes performed to the nose at the same time as well, if desired.

4. You Dislike the Appearance of your Nose

If you have put up with years of endless teasing due to the appearance of your nose, you will know just how much of a negative impact this has on your self-esteem. After scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon, he or she will be able to provide you with options regarding the procedures that can be performed to help improve the overall appearance of your nose. The end results will not only improve your appearance; your levels of self-confidence will also experience a much-needed boost afterwards.

5. Cosmetic Surgery is Now More Affordable than Ever

Thanks to the many advances being made in the plastic surgery field these days, rhinoplasty has become a lot more affordable than ever. Newer and less invasive techniques have also enabled patients to recover faster, meaning that they can usually enjoy their newly reshaped noses within a few days at the most.

If you are considering having a rhinoplasty procedure performed, it is imperative that you schedule a consultation with a surgeon who is licensed, extensively experienced, qualified and who specializes in the procedure that you wish to have carried out. This will ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible and that you are fully satisfied with the end results afterwards.

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