What Is Intelligent Call Routing and Advantages of Having Intelligent Call Routing ?


Intelligent Call Routing is a term for routing done by software that attempts to identify the caller and direct them to an appropriate agent. The software can identify the caller based on known information tied to the call, such as the ANI (a technical term for Caller ID), or information that is provided by the caller during the call.The Genesys Customer Interaction Management platform is one technology we’re proficient in at Vision Point Systems that provides call centers with Intelligent Call Routing. The channel that the customer uses to contact the customer service center can be through phone, email, or even chat. Either way the goal of the platform is to always route the call to the desired and appropriate agent. The Genesys platform performs this intelligent routing using criteria such as agent skills, caller priority, and DTMF entered by the caller.

Take a scenario where a call center wants to have calls routed to specific agents if the caller is of a certain membership level. The IVR could be set up to ask the caller for an account number and Genesys could then look-up the customer’s membership level and determine which group of agents to send the call to based on the result. This would ensure that each caller is going to go to an agent who is best able to handle the call and provide the best customer service. However, having this functionality is highly dependent on the appropriate assignment of skills to agents. The business team needs to ensure that the correct agents are assigned to each skill. Without the appropriate assignment of skills the guarantee of routing the call to the most ideal agent is lost.Giving a caller who has previously called in to your call center a higher priority in the wait queue is another example of the application of Intelligent Call Routing. The router can obtain the caller’s ANI and perform a look-up in the database to see if that caller has called before, has an open ticket, and/or is flagged in the customer database for any special offers. If some such condition exists then the router can increase the priority so that the call will be answered quicker than a call without the increase in priority. This is still dependent on an external factor which is that the call center is staffed well enough so that wait times, even for high priority calls, are minimal. It is again in the hands of business management to ensure that the call center is staffed appropriately throughout the day.

The advantages of having intelligent call routing

1 They help you route your calls in the most optimum fashion, unlike the traditional round robin routing phenomenon.

2 They can ensure that your priority customers receive excellent customer service by connecting them to the most qualified agent on the floor, instead of opting for the next available agent.

3 They can help you incorporate innovative features like multi-channel queuing, which can allow your customers to experience panoramic exposure to world class customer service.

4 It gives you a wonderful opportunity to cross-sell on your own platform as it takes time to route your call depending upon requirements. This window can be utilised to educate your customer on various products or self-help options.

5 It can keep track of employee ids of your agents and route your call accordingly, making sure that customers get connected to the agent they last spoke with, which fosters trust building and rapport boosting.

6 It also provides significant insights and describes the background analytics. It can tap on the CRM and fetch customer history to predict behaviour patterns of the customers to ensure customer retention.

7 It ensures optimum productivity from your agents, as it can incorporate mechanisms which can keep track of the least active agent line and engage him during high call volumes.

8 Call routing can also often reel in a pool of backup or reserve agents to keep up to the level of customer service during high call volumes, which is often a primary concern for most of the contact centers. 9 It can be made more data driven to ensure that all important messaging specific to the caller is conveyed to them. The system can generate flags and notify the agent on call to be pro-active while providing customer service.

10 It can also be used to incorporate outbound calling which can serve as an excellent customer service tool as most of the customers often request for a callback or hang up due to long waiting times.


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