Datsun redi GO Facelift First Drive Review


Datsun redi GO Overview

Automatic hatchbacks are all the rage in our market, from the run-of-the-mill models like the Nano GenX and the Kwid AMT to the highly sophisticated Polo GT TSI; Indians are flocking to the convenience that comes with an automatic small car. Looking to tap in and gain some traction in this up-and-coming segment, Datsun has now introduced the redi-GO AMT which is an automated-manual version of the standard 1-litre model.

Despite offering two engine options and special edition versions along the line, Datsun has struggled to sell the redi-GO, with sales number dwindling by the month and hitting an all-time low of 1,750 units in December 2017. Now with the AMT version added to its stable, the Japanese carmaker is looking to make an impact at the budget end of the automatic hatchback segment.Check car loan for Datsun redi-GO.

For some, the redi-GO AMT may feel like a totally different car to drive compared to the manual, however, there are no tell-tale signs to differentiate it from the rest of the range. In fact, it retains that angular, tall boy design and that bold front-end including the hexagonal grille, curvaceous profile and the lean taillights contribute to make the redi-GO stand out in a sea of budget hatchbacks. All in all, the design is pretty cohesive while the compact dimensions help keep the redi-GO’s footprint as wee bit as its name.

Datsun redi GO Look

When you exist in a part of the market where price is king, then you have to get innovative in your pursuit to get the attention of the buyer. This has resulted in some small but rather funky looking vehicles. The Redigo is certainly a decent example of this train of thought as it does manage to stand out thanks to the sharp lines and high stance. This is their first vehicle to sport their Yukan design philosophy.Its face is dominated by the blue logo and chrome hexagonal Datsun grille whose edges point outwards and into the creases that run under the scythe shaped headlamps. Since our car was a top-spec model, it also gets tiny LED DRLs which sit above a contrast coloured pseudo bash plate element.

The side is a typical Japanese hatchback thanks to the egg-shaped silhouette, flared wheel arches and flat roof. However, what does manage to stand out is the forward leaning stance and wide crease that run from the front door and merge with the tail lamps in the rear.If the side and face piqued your attention then the rear should have you staring in full concentration. There are multiple elements and all in various colours making this quite a visual. Noticeable elements include the silver bash plate, chrome strip at the base of the boot lid and the boomerang shaped tail lamps.

Datsun redi GO Comfort

Behind the wheel of the redi-GO AMT, it’s mostly basic, clean and functional. The lack of buttons on the dashboard and multilayer upholstery remind you that you are driving an entry-level car but all in all, it’s not a bad place to be. For starters, despite the pocket-size exterior, the cabin is more spacious than what one would expect. Also, getting in and out of it is effortless thanks to the high stance and the fairly large glass area (for a small car) aids visibility all around.

Appearance wise, the dashboard layout is low-key, but the plastics are tough and hard-wearing. The redi-GO has a handful of funky design touches like the unique rectangular centre air vent and the blue instrument panel but neither can make up for the overall mediocre plastic quality. In comparison, the Alto 800 or even the Kwid offer more tactile plastics. That said, the redi-GO is well thought out at places – the lower half of the dash, for instance, gets a handy exposed storage bin to store loose items.

As one would expect in a car of this segment, there is no height adjustment for the steering column or the driver’s seat which means finding the ideal driving posture is bit of a task. Also, we noticed that the lower half of the centre console eats into the foot well, ultimately fouling with the driver’s knee.

That being said, the redi-GO scores well as we move onto the rear – the high mounted bench offers good under thigh support and the upright backrest feels comfortable too. Knee and head room are better than both the Alto K10 and the Eon. The Datsun also has a flat bench, which doesn’t do much favour when it comes to lateral support but the upside here is that it becomes easier to accommodate three occupants across. As for the features, the list is hardly comprehensive with standard features including a new-for-2018 Bluetooth audio system, body coloured bumpers, piano black finish for the centre console, fabric seats, central locking, MP3 and front power windows. There’s also daytime running lamps and a driver airbag for the top-spec trim.

Datsun redi GO Gearbox

Mechanicals of the car are the same as in the Kwid. The car houses the 799cc 3-cylinder petrol engine producing 54PS and 72Nm of torque, paired to 5-speed manual transmission. The 1.0L obviously makes extra horses with 68PS and 91Nm of peak torque mated to either 5-speed manual or Automated Manual Transmission. The AMT system also gets creeps functionality which makes parking easier and darting into the city traffic convenient. For more details on Datsun redi Go check Origo2000

Datsun Redi-GO mileage is claimed to be 25.17 kmpl. However, how the car actually performs is something that we will have to watch out for. The competing Alto 800 delivers around 18 kmpl in the city and 20 kmpl on highway, whereas Renault Kwid offers 25 kmpl. The claimed mileage of the new Datsun Redi-GO is quite impressive but what it offers in day-to-day driving is what will ultimately matter.

Datsun redi GO Riding

The redi-GO AMT is made purely for inner city driving and in that regard it’s got a lot to offer. Despite the rudimentary gearbox, it does well when it comes to keeping up with traffic and when you are not working it hard, the drivetrain is refined and unobtrusive. However, things aren’t as effortless as you up the pace. On the highway, the motor gets vocal at normal cruising speeds. Sure, you can easily maintain speeds of up to 100kmph all day long but you will have to mash the throttle when overtaking, especially with all the seats occupied.

The ride quality is one of the key highlights of this car. For a budget hatch, it tackles bad roads with ease thanks to the long travel suspension and the high profile tyres absorbing the bumps and potholes. Overall, the ride is marginally on the stiffer side but it’s no deal breaker. At higher speeds, the softly sprung setup results in more vertical movement than what one would expect and there’s some notable road noise from the suspension and wheels over rough surfaces. Book Datsun  redi-GO Test Drive.

Datsun redi GO Safety

With the lack of ABS, the overall braking is still consistent with easy modulation. Like the other budget cars, the brakes suit only the class of easy-driving people. The car does get driver side airbag, central locking system, engine immobilizer, front seat belts with pre-tensioners and child safety locks in the safety department.

Datsun redi GO Price in Ahmedabad

Datsun Redi Go On-Road Price in Ahmedabad ranges from 2,89,290 to 4,81,435 for variants Redi GO D and Redi Go S 1.0L Amt respectively. Datsun Redi Go is available in 10 variants and 8 colours. Below are details of Datsun Redi Go variants price in Ahmedabad. Check for Datsun redi GO price in Ahmedabad at Autozhop.

Datsun redi GO Bottomline

The redi-GO AMT is not a bad car in any way. Unfortunately, it’s just bettered in several areas by its rivals. If you are after low cost of ownership and hassle-free service network, the Maruti Alto AMT is a better option. For rugged looks and more features, you are better off with the Renault Kwid and if you want something upmarket, the Tata Tiago AMT is a good pick. The redi-GO though really shines when it comes to space and driving convenience. Sure, it’s low-grade cabin and lack of features are sore points but there’s little doubt this automatic version is a superior choice for budget car buyers compared to the standard 1-litre model.

Available in five trims, the price of Datsun Redi GO starts from Rs. 2.49 lakhs for the basic D variant while the top end S model with AMT transmission can be purchased at the price tag of Rs. 3.96 lakhs. All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi. Redi GO has certainly tightened the competition in the group where Renault Kwid, Maruti Alto 800, Maruti Alto K10 and Hyundai Eon are already luring the budget conscious car buyers of India.

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